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It’s not often that I get asked to photograph a birth.

Whether it’s just not on a mom’s radar to hire a photographer

or because I just haven’t marketed myself as a birth photographer.

Either way, I am honored beyond words when

a family trusts me enough to share the most intimate event in their life.

And a home birth seems even more intimate to me.

For two weeks before and after a moms due date

like the rest of the family, I’m on pins and needles waiting for the call.

You never know what to expect –

what time you’ll get the call,

how long you’ll be there

where “there” will actually be.

From a photographers perspective, we always think about light.

Will there be beautiful window light?

Will we end up in the hospital with lots of florescent lights,

or in this case, will it be in the middle of the night with just a single lamp for light.

Several years ago – the last scenario would have stressed me out

but I can just roll with the punches now.

Celebrating life is what I do.

Emily and Rob were not only completely ready

they had an amazing team.

Olivia and Candace work so seamlessly together

I loved listening to them guide Emily and Rob through the night.

I’m looking forward to working with them again very soon.

Don’t rush through this post

Savor every portrait

And enjoy the slideshow at the end.

I promise – it’s worth it.

Emily worked hard – she was super woman. Her strength just amazed me.

And Rob was always right there.  Always.

All through the night he would look at me and say, “I just love her – isn’t she just amazing?”

Melt.  Just melt.


And now for the slideshow.

Seriously, it’s worth it.

3 minutes, 15 seconds.  Worth it.

I’ll be surprised if your eyes are dry at the end.

Please know – this is a birth slideshow – so while I assure you it is PG rated

there is obviously some implied nudity.

I’d be surprised if you notice – you’ll be watching the emotion – just like I was.

Oh, and Emily – there’s a little surprise in there for you:)

Thank you to Renee and Jeremy for the use of the beautiful song.

Photographers – check them out – seriously great stuff for slideshows.

 If you are interested in Birth Photography, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Don’t forget to leave congrats to Emily and Rob here – they’ll be watching!

Just 7 days old.

Incredibly sweet and laid back.

Completely surrounded by love.

Ava Hunter

Jack’s little sister.

Pure love.


This is how I love to shoot newborn sessions.

It just feels right.

Relaxed, simple, me.

Book yours now.