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Several years ago my friend and talented photographer, Tina,

encouraged a group of colleagues to use our talents to

bring more awareness to families living with Down Syndrome.

From the day I saw Tina’s session, I’ve wanted to do just that.

October is Down Syndrome awareness month.

It’s also my busiest month of the year.

So, every year, it sneaks up on me and passes me by.

This year I vowed to do it, and I did…

though it’s almost the end of the month and I almost let it sneak by.

Almost.  But not quite.

Aiden’s mom, Jennifer, and I went to middle school and high school together way back when.

I won’t tell you exactly how long ago – but it was a long time ago:)

We went to a small high school where everyone felt like family.

That’s the bad thing about growing up and moving away

you lose a bit of your family.

I was honored to invade Jennifer’s life for a few hours,

to catch up, meet her boys and just see her beautiful smile

(she always had the best smile – even in high school)

So, anyway, Aiden.  I loved meeting Aiden and his big brother Gavin.

Jennifer and Lee have some awesome boys.

Aiden goes to a public school and is in Kindergarten.

Gavin told me that when they pick up Aiden from school

he and mom get the best hugs, that Aiden acts as if he hasn’t

seen them in year.

He was right.  Big hugs and huge smiles.

I thought Aiden would be ready to leave right  away – but nope,

he had no problem showing us his work.

After school, we went to one of Aiden’s favorite places.

The family hardware store

where Jennifer said he gets 1 scoop of ice cream

but he gets a bunch of scoops of LOVE.

I love Aiden’s routines in the store.  First he has to run through the storage room

and hit the attic string.

Then he gets ice cream

and then he hangs out in the office.

Turning the light on and off and on and off again:)

After another attic string attack – he’s ready to go!

At this point, Aiden was ready for me to leave.

He didn’t quite understand why I was following him around.

But I followed him home anyway.

Then it was time to play outside.

Jeeps, trampolines, forts, slides.  Fun, fun, fun.

 After playing, Aiden was ready to go in

and took me in his room to show me his favorite things.

I love his room.  I want Jennifer to come decorate my house.

I’m glad Silas didn’t see Gavin’s room – he would have been jealous.

Then finally, Aiden was ready for some down time.

After wrestling with Gavin.

If you know Aiden, you know he LOVES the Wiggles.

I mean, LOVES them.

What a treat that 2 new movies arrived in the mail that day.

I was impressed with how quickly Aiden picked up their dance moves

and loved that Jennifer and Gavin hung right with Aiden as he enjoyed his show.

Thank you Jennifer for sharing your day and your boys with me.

The slideshow shows many, many more images

from my day with Aiden.  It’s just 3 minutes long.

3 minutes of Aiden’s Day.

 There doesn’t have to be a special occasion to capture the events in your life.

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