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I love births.

Have I said that before?  I absolutely love

being asked to capture a birth.

Each one is different.  Each one is AMAZING.

Each one I am buzzing afterwards with joy.

Each one, it’s like I get to be a new parent all over again.

I love births.

Sarah and Vincent were so excited to meet their little boy,

their first child.

I was so excited they asked me to share it with them.

  There’s no way I can accurately describe with words what it’s like to

be there to hear a baby’s first cry.

It’s a good thing I have pictures:)

Watch the slideshow, and watch it BIG (and maybe have some tissues handy).


If you are pregnant, I hope you will consider birth photography.

There’s so much about your day you won’t quite remember.

The people there to support you have a very big job to do.

Let me hold the camera, while they support you.