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I love births.

Have I said that before?  I absolutely love

being asked to capture a birth.

Each one is different.  Each one is AMAZING.

Each one I am buzzing afterwards with joy.

Each one, it’s like I get to be a new parent all over again.

I love births.

Sarah and Vincent were so excited to meet their little boy,

their first child.

I was so excited they asked me to share it with them.

  There’s no way I can accurately describe with words what it’s like to

be there to hear a baby’s first cry.

It’s a good thing I have pictures:)

Watch the slideshow, and watch it BIG (and maybe have some tissues handy).


If you are pregnant, I hope you will consider birth photography.

There’s so much about your day you won’t quite remember.

The people there to support you have a very big job to do.

Let me hold the camera, while they support you.

They are so in love.

I knew it from the moment I met them.

They are so ready to meet their new baby.

I am honored that I was able to be there to hear their baby’s first cry.

Be sure to watch the slideshow to find out if they had a boy or girl.

Again, I loved working with Olivia’s Midwifery Services Team.

If you are interested in birth photography, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

I love to have “first” experiences.

Heather and Dustin’s birth was a first for me because

Heather (nor the rest of the family) did not know if she was having a boy or girl.

Dustin knew, and how he kept it a secret, I’ll never know.

It was so exciting!

I got my first text from Heather around midnight – letting me know the show had started.

I’ll tell you, it’s really hard to sleep after that.  I get so pumped up about births.

They went to the hospital around 2:30am and at 4:30am, I just couldn’t sleep.

I figured if I was awake, I’d see what was happening!

  I got to meet Heather’s mom and sister.

What an amazing source of support.  Dustin, mom, and sister (and of course Heather)

worked so seamlessly together.  Simply amazing to watch.

I hung around for a couple hours and then left for a bit.

Around 9am her water broke and it was time to capture the magic.

And yes, it was magic.

Every birth is so amazing.

Heather was amazing to watch.

She seemed so composed the whole time.

Seriously, she did.  I’m not sure how.

2 hours after her water broke, Heather and Dustin met their baby…..

Well, I’m not going to tell you like that!

Watch the slideshow.  Enjoy this miracle.

Thank you Dustin and Heather for allowing me to experience this moment with you.


Are you pregnant and considering birth photography?  Call me.

Let me be the one to hold the camera,

so your family is free to hold your hand.

I met Brittany and her husband Brian a few years ago

through the Port City Breastfeeding Bag Project.

The first time I saw them walk in with the boys

I was struck by their beauty.  Seriously.

If you know this family – you know they are all stunning to look at!

And over time I was struck by more than just their beauty.

They have an amazing relationship with their children.

They have an amazing relationship with each other.

And of course Brian wins the best husband award because

he surprised Brittany on Mother’s Day with my

Maternity, Birth, & Newborn package.

Great husband points there!!!

We had a beautiful maternity session in late June (but boy was it hot).

I had travel plans in August – just a week after her due date, but being the 3rd boy,

Brittany was sure this baby would come on time just like his big brothers did.

Well.  Grayson  established right away that we wasn’t going to do things like his brothers.

I am so grateful that my friend, and colleague,  Susie Linquist, was available to be there for Grayson’s birth.

To hear Susie tell it, Brittany barely made a sound and welcomed Grayson n into this world

with the calmest assurance ever.

Brittany had some amazing guides and supports.  Olivia and Candace make an amazing team.

I was so happy to hear everything went well and couldn’t wait to meet the newest boy to the family.

The newborn session was full of laughter and giggles, just as I suspected.

Of course, a birth can not be done justice with just photos.  Watch the slideshow below to see more of this family’s love.

Watch it big – bigger is better in this case.

Ashley contacted me early in her pregnancy.

Of course she would, if you know Ashley

you know she plans everything waaaay ahead of time.

She has her checklists, and she checks them more than twice.

Ashley knows the importance of birth photography because she has photographed 2 births herself.

During my interview, she asked me an important question:

Why do you like doing births?

My answer:  It feeds my soul

There’s no way I could charge based on the hours I spend being on call for a birth.

I do them because I love them.

Births feed my soul.

Being there when Reagan was born fed my soul.

I hung out a bit with Ashley and John early in her labor.

Then left for a while to give her some space to rest.

I got back just as she was heading to the hospital – hooray!

After a few hours at the hospital, I went home for some rest myself.

Ashly’s sister kept me informed and it wasn’t too long before I headed back to the hospital.

Ashley was, what’s the best word?


She’s a warrior.  Amazing. A rock star.

And John….

there every step of the way.  I captured so many images of

their connection.

Ashley was determined to have a natural birth (I told you about her planning skills, right)

and she did just that.

Women are amazing.

Ashley is amazing.

Reagan has one lucky little girl.

Of course, what’s a birth without a birth slideshow.

I know my fans (and Ashley’s friends and family)

want to see more than just pictures.

Birth slideshows make me smile on the inside and out.

Enjoy  (and grab a tissue).

*it’s best viewed full screen – so head over to the computer (instead of your phone)


If you are pregnant and thinking about birth photography, call me, please.

Having someone there to take pictures, is not the same as having

a professional photographer capture the birth of your child.

Let the people in your life hold your hand, support, & coach,

and let me hold the camera & celebrate life.



I have been looking forward to this session for a long time.

Ever since Ella was born actually.

Susie’s family makes me smile.  Her Jack reminds me of Silas.

They wear their love – it shines

through their children, through their smiles, through their laughter.

I love photographing this family.

You know the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”

well sometimes that’s true and sometimes

you need more to tell a family’s story.

I love fusion session for that exact reason.

I get to really tell a story.

Susie’s story is all about being having fun with her family.

Thank you Susie & Jeremy for letting me tell your story.


Please take time to watch the video.  Please be prepared to smile:)

I encourage you to view it on your computer – and hit the “full screen” button.

It’s always better bigger.


If you also believe “ain’t nothing better than right now” then contact me for a session.

I’m pretty lucky.  I know I am.

Mamas and daddy’s trust me to be with them during the most intimate time of their life.

The birth of their child.

I get to be there to witness mamas go primal as they journey with their babes.

I get to be there to hear the babes first cry, hear the mamas cry, the family cry, and wipe tears of my own when the babe is laid on mamas chest.

I get to watch everyone in the room instantly fall in love.

I’m pretty lucky.  I know I am.

Reagan’s mama is a rock star.  If you know her, you already know that:)

This is just a small sampling of this amazing day spent with this family.

I’m still working on the slideshow which will tell/show much more.

When I have that ready, you will need tissues for your own tears:)


If you are considering having a birth photographer at your next birth, please contact me.

I would LOVE to celebrate life with you.

I’ve been saying I was going to do

Themed Mini-Sessions

for a while.

But I didn’t think it would take me quite this long to get it together:)

I’ve teamed up with another great photographer,

Jennifer Simpson Photography,

and with both of us putting our heads together

we are going to ROCK this!

There’s only limited availability,

so reserve your spot today!


There’s no way I can ever express

how honored I am when a mom

asks me to photograph her child’s birth.

A child’s birth.  Amazing.

I get to be there to listen to her

voice change during labor.

I get to be there to see her go from smiles

and conversation

to extreme focus on one thing.

I get to see all the support systems in place

whether at home or in a hospital.

I get to see a mom holding her baby for the first time.

Her look into her baby’s eyes for the first time.

I get to be there for her child’s birth.  Amazing.

Truly amazing.

Anna is amazing.  I liked her from the second I met her.

I liked snuggling with her pups,

her daughter’s room,

her millions of facial expressions.

I liked her instantly.

She is an awesome mom.

This was my first time photographing a hospital birth.

I can’t wait for the next one!

Be sure to view this full screen – you won’t regret it!

Oh, and you might want a kleenex – I cry every time I see it:)


Want your own birth photographed?  Give me a call!