I have been looking forward to this session for a long time.

Ever since Ella was born actually.

Susie’s family makes me smile. ¬†Her Jack reminds me of Silas.

They wear their love – it shines

through their children, through their smiles, through their laughter.

I love photographing this family.

You know the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”

well sometimes that’s true and sometimes

you need more to tell a family’s story.

I love fusion session for that exact reason.

I get to really tell a story.

Susie’s story is all about being having fun with her family.

Thank you Susie & Jeremy for letting me tell your story.


Please take time to watch the video.  Please be prepared to smile:)

I encourage you to view it on your computer – and hit the “full screen” button.

It’s always better bigger.


If you also believe “ain’t nothing better than right now” then contact me for a session.

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