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I have been looking forward to this session for a long time.

Ever since Ella was born actually.

Susie’s family makes me smile.  Her Jack reminds me of Silas.

They wear their love – it shines

through their children, through their smiles, through their laughter.

I love photographing this family.

You know the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”

well sometimes that’s true and sometimes

you need more to tell a family’s story.

I love fusion session for that exact reason.

I get to really tell a story.

Susie’s story is all about being having fun with her family.

Thank you Susie & Jeremy for letting me tell your story.


Please take time to watch the video.  Please be prepared to smile:)

I encourage you to view it on your computer – and hit the “full screen” button.

It’s always better bigger.


If you also believe “ain’t nothing better than right now” then contact me for a session.


Celebrating life.

It’s what I love to do with my camera

and in my own life.

There’s no greater way for me to celebrate life in my profession

than to photograph a birth.

When talented photographer and friend, Susie, asked me to be there to photograph

the home birth of her daughter

I was honored.

When she told me that what she wanted most out of the portraits

was to capture her son, Jack, meeting his sister for the first time

I couldn’t wait for the call.

I wasn’t expecting a call at 6am (who expects a daytime birth)

and I wasn’t expecting to have to finish up 25 preschoolers for their spring portraits when I got the call.

I got there just as Olivia and Candace arrived.

They are an amazing team to watch.  Seriously.

If you are considering home birth, or heck, any birth,

you want them.

After 2 hours, Susie was still smiling in between contractions,

so I took a risk and ran to the preschool to finish up with the kiddos.

I barely made it back in time, barely,

or maybe it was how it was always meant to be.

I got there JUST as Susie was ready to push.

Just 15 minutes later, we were all a big mush.

Beautiful, just beautiful.  Ella was simply perfect.

Then, Jack came to meet his sister.

And it was nothing short of magical.

Be sure to watch the full slideshow to witness the magic yourself.

Be sure to have to volume on – you don’t want to miss it.

Congratulations Susie, Jeremy, & Jack (and all extended family).

Ella Louise is the perfect addition to your family.


I love photographing births – at home, at the hospital – anywhere.

Contact me if you are interested in having this moment captured forever.

I feel like I’m a member of this family.  And I like it.

I remember when I delivered the portraits from  Abbey‘s newborn session

mom hugged me and said, “We’ve found our photographer for life.”

She really meant it and I couldn’t be happier.

I’m lucky enough to photograph Abbey 2x a year at her daycare

and anytime I’m having a mini-session special

mom is one of the first ones to book.

A photographer changes a lot in 3 years – I know I have.

Always, photography for me has been more about the connections between family members

and I love seeing it in this session.


 Without telling mom that I was doing it

I tried out a little fusion during our session.

Fusion is the combination of video and portraits during the same session.

I’ve played around with it some during other sessions

and I really love it.  More and more.

I love it so much, I might have to just start including it in all newborn sessions!

So, Cameron, sit back and grab a tissue.  Everyone else, sigh and smile

at this beautiful family I’m so happy to be part of.

Contact me for your next newborn or family session.

And don’t forget to leave congratulations messages to the family!