I met Brittany and her husband Brian a few years ago

through the Port City Breastfeeding Bag Project.

The first time I saw them walk in with the boys

I was struck by their beauty.  Seriously.

If you know this family – you know they are all stunning to look at!

And over time I was struck by more than just their beauty.

They have an amazing relationship with their children.

They have an amazing relationship with each other.

And of course Brian wins the best husband award because

he surprised Brittany on Mother’s Day with my

Maternity, Birth, & Newborn package.

Great husband points there!!!

We had a beautiful maternity session in late June (but boy was it hot).

I had travel plans in August – just a week after her due date, but being the 3rd boy,

Brittany was sure this baby would come on time just like his big brothers did.

Well.  Grayson  established right away that we wasn’t going to do things like his brothers.

I am so grateful that my friend, and colleague,  Susie Linquist, was available to be there for Grayson’s birth.

To hear Susie tell it, Brittany barely made a sound and welcomed Grayson n into this world

with the calmest assurance ever.

Brittany had some amazing guides and supports.  Olivia and Candace make an amazing team.

I was so happy to hear everything went well and couldn’t wait to meet the newest boy to the family.

The newborn session was full of laughter and giggles, just as I suspected.

Of course, a birth can not be done justice with just photos.  Watch the slideshow below to see more of this family’s love.

Watch it big – bigger is better in this case.

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